Slideshow: photos by women on the project


This slideshow is the work of three women who took part in the Voice of Freedom workshops in the Ma’agan Safe House, Israel, in October 2013:

Desta Getaneh is from the Gondar region of Ethiopia. She left home at the age of 10 to live alone in Addis Ababa and was trafficked from there to Sinai. Now in her early 20s, Desta is shortly to return to Ethiopia, where she plans to become an anti-trafficking activist in her own community, with the continued input and support of Voice of Freedom.

‘It’s precisely because people who were trafficked before us
were not willing to tell the story that we went through it.
And that’s what will continue to happen as long as the story
is not being told.’ – Desta Getaneh

Zenebech Zeleke is from Addis Ababa. She grew up apart from her mother and father and was trafficked to Sinai via Sudan when in her early 20s. Zenebech would also like to work in anti-trafficking advocacy.

‘I am very happy that my story is being seen and heard through the photographs all over the world and that it can maybe protect other women. It is my duty to educate people and tell the story. Our voices will be heard so when we tell our story people will believe that it’s true.’ – Zenebech Zeleke

Tizalu Brahan is from the Gondar region of Ethiopia. She left home after her mother’s death, hoping to find work in Sudan, and was kidnapped on the way there from Ethiopia, afterwards trafficked to Sinai.

‘Through these pictures, they will see the miracle
that has happened to me. After everything, I have
pulled through.’ – Tizalu Brahan

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