Voice of Freedom is proud to have work by women on our project showcased at The Rights Lab, which ‘gathers some of the most impactful images and collections in the contemporary anti-slavery moment.’ See our work here.

PIAM ONLUS—Progetto Integrazione Accoglienza Migranti — ‘Thousands of women and girls are being trafficked to Italy from Nigeria, into a life of forced prostitution. Abused and desperately vulnerable, they have a champion in Princess Okokon, who was herself trafficked from Nigeria in 1999. Okokon fled her captors, and, with her husband, Alberto, set up the NGO Piam Onlus. Together they have helped hundreds of women in Asti and Sicily to escape their traffickers, giving them refuge and support’ Guardian, 8 August 2016

Another Me | Transformations from pain to power

CNN Freedom Project

Ghetto Biennale — The Ghetto Biennale is attempting to momentarily transform spaces, dialogues and relationships considered un-navigable and unworkable into transcultural, creative platforms. The Ghetto Biennale has realised a ‘chaotic, amorphous, de-institutionalised space’ for artistic production that attempts to offer a vibrant creative platform to artists from wide socioeconomic classes.