'This is the first place I was happy after they stole me' / Photo © Tizalu Brahan
‘This is the first place I was happy after they stole me.’ ~ Tizalu Brahan

To all those who have generously SUPPORTED this project, our immense gratitude. We could not do this work without you:

The VII Foundation


Polo del ‘900

Museo Diffuso della Resistenza Torino

Brit Insurance

The Deloitte BeyondMe Women’s Empowerment Group

Trust Greenbelt

Vovos Better World Fund

JHub Micro Grants Programme

Eritrean Refugees Support Association UK

Eritrean Women’s Network

Karl Henry

Matrix Chambers

Dame Stephanie Shirley

Funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund, has helped us to design and implement our Covid-response programme. Thanks to the Government for making this possible.


Thanks to:

Assaf Ben Ari for technical support and computer loan

Photofusion for exhibition prints

Paul Ellis, Guy Shoham and Allan MacWilliam for hanging our Shiva Foundation exhibition

Paul Mullighan for graphic design

Dr Tom Whittaker, PhD Cultural Policy & Management, for advice on ethical practice in participatory arts

Clare Struthers for practical and emotional support as we built the project.

Tiffany Fairey for advice and support, and for sharing invaluable experience of founding and running the participatory photography charity PhotoVoice

Cauda Fotografia for prints in Asti during the 2017 workshops

Uberto Orlando and Marisa Merlo for translation into Italian

Murat Cinar and Karim Metref in Turin, for guidance and support on showing work in the city

Pina Piccolo of La Macchina Sognante for introductions in Italy that helped make this project grow

Alexander Lowe for legal advice

Jonathan Berger at Harbottle and Lewis for legal advice

Jayne Harvey, Barrister, for legal advice

Clare Elliot for editing our fundraising video

Our insurers, Williamson Carson

TrustLaw at the Thomson Reuters Foundation

Finbarr O’Reilly for ideas and introductions that helped us to grow

Jason Hewitt, Megan Coall, Sophia Lekakis, Keshara Hallock and the team at Skadden pro bono department for legal advice and assistance with our registration as a charity

Eleanor Jarvis, Heather Farrell-Boote, Thomas Charnock and Claire Watson at Eversheds Sutherland for legal advice and assistance in the drafting of our policies

Bakerlogy for donating face shields (made by 3D printers that they’ve dedicated to making PPE during the coronavirus outbreak) to help us run our workshops with survivors of human trafficking, who are some of the most vulnerable in the pandemic, and the most affected by Covid-19.

our Indiegogo donors, who were there at the start:

Dai Hawkins

Gary Behar

Mark Snell

Julie Burchill Raven

Loose Muse


Ella Keren

Olumide Popoola

Debbie Young-Somers

Craig and Joy Ling

Barbara Segal

Christina Casey

Trent Hansen

Richard Haseldine

Rafal Charlinski

Caroline Mendes da Costa

Natasha Miren

Ido Ben-Shaul

Sharmila Chauhan

Shanon Lancini


Anita Staff

Joseph Mutti

Erica Steinhauer



Sarah Cypher

Saeed Taji Farouky

Huub Wilbrink

Cristina Florea


Shelly Inbar

Naomi Soetendorp

Catherine Owens

JM Horseman

Nathalie Teitler

Mandy Binns

Estelle Vincent



Hadas Baron

Altaire Cambata

Sally Collister

Joe Alati

Marcel Wiel

Merilyn Smith

Dorothy Thorpe

Uri Zackhem


Ewa Davenport


Feruz Werede

Simon Dartford


Ruth Adams

Severino Panzetta

Britta Boyer

Lounge Brixton

Marianna Purisiol

Maria Kapajeva

Freawet Mega

Delme Rosser


Jayne Harvey

Erin Rice

Ivor Dembina

Royden Davies

backers for the Turin 2018 exhibition:

Justin Snyder

Guy Shoham

Sydney Levinson

Sally Ingrey

Christina Casey

Dai Hawkins

Anna Shepherd

Sara Arrigioni

Isabell Brikell

Sally Collister

Alex Lowe

Mina Kupfermann

Craig Dowling

Debbie Young-Summers

Angela Spencer

and our anonymous donors.

Photo © Tizalu Brahan, 2013. /Voice of Freedom/PhotoVoice

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