Why photography?

The photovoice process takes into account the two stages of photography – the process of choosing and framing subjects and the use of the resulting photographs.

The process of deciding what to photograph, how to represent oneself and one’s experiences, and what message one wants to convey to the intended audience can be an extremely useful contemplative process of self evaluation. For vulnerable, issue-affected people such as those who have been trafficked and sexually exploited, the opportunity to step back and evaluate their situation through an active creative process can bring therapeutic benefits and tackle feelings of helplessness.

‘The heart is not yet open, not yet in order’ ~ Fruit of Love

When this process of choice and analysis is complete, the result is a photograph that can be shared and discussed as an object in its own right – opening up a dialogue between the photographer and the viewer. In explaining the thought process behind the creation of the photograph the photographer can find it much easier to communicate feelings and experiences that might not naturally or comfortably come up in a conversation.

‘Through this project I really deepened and
expressed my thinking, which makes me really
satisfied in my heart.’ – Fruit of Love



Photo © Fruit of Love, 2015. /Voice of Freedom/PhotoVoice

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